Pattern of cardiothoracic surgical diseases in a new cardiothoracic surgery unit in Nigeria

Ekpe E. E. Ette V. F. Akpan A. F.

Available online Jul 18, 2018.

[ Original ] Volume 23, Issue 1, 2014, Pages 77-82


Background: Cardiothoracic surgical pathologies are available in all geographical regions of the
world. Human and material resources are necessary for prompt diagnosis and proper treatment of
these cases.
Methodology: Retrospective analysis of cardiothoracic surgical cases in the first five years of our new
cardiothoracic surgery unit was done.
Results: A total of 714 cases were seen during the study period with age range one month to 76 years
with mean age of 37.12±11,24 and male female ratio of 2:1. The yearly admissions from 2007 to 2011 were
14%, 17%, 21%, 21% and 26% respectively. Cardiovascular diseases occurred in 22.30%, with 6% of
children suffering from congenital heart defect and 6% of men suffering from acquired vascular disease.
Surgical complications of pleuropulmonary tuberculosis occurred in 21.4% while thoracic trauma
occurred in upto 21% of the patients. Aerodigestive tract foreign bodies were encountered in 10.1% of
cases and Pyogenic diseases occurred in 8.68%. Oesophageal lesions were diagnosed in 6.4% of the
patients, pulmonary tumours including primary and secondary tumours were found in 4.3% while nontraumatic
chest wall pathologies which included chest wall tumours, congenital deformities and chronic
osteomyelities accounted for 3.2%. Mediastinal pathologies occurred in 0.98% and in the remaining
1.5% rare diseases were diagnosed such as third degree heart block, pulmonary embolism and thoracic
endometriosis syndrome.
Conclusion: This study shows that cardiothoracic surgical pathologies are common in our centre
with predominance of thoracic pathologies, and therefore need to prioritize and ensure manpower
development for treatment of all kinds of thoracic pathologies.


wall tumours, congenital deformities and chronic,

January - March 2014

Volume 23 | Issue 1

Page Nos. 77-82

Online since Jul 13, 2018

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