Pattern of Childhood Injury Presenting at General Hospital Aliero, Nigeria

Buowari DY MBBS

Available online Jul 13, 2018.

[ Original ] Volume 19, Issue 4, 2010, Pages 447-450


Background: Injuries are important causes of
morbidity and mortality in childhood. Children are
vulnerable to injuries of any kind.
Method: This is a prospective study of children with
injuries who presented at General Hospital Aliero.
Records were kept of injuries in children age fifteen
years and below that occurred from February to
November 2006 at General Hospital, Aliero. We aim to
study the pattern of childhood injuries presenting at
General Hospital Aliero, Nigeria
Result: Most of the injuries occurred at home 31
(48.4%) and on the road 28(43.8%). Road traffic
accidents occurred when a moving vehicle or
motorcycle hit children or children falling from moving
trucks. Boys 39(60.9%) were more involved in injuries
than girls 25(39.1%). Mortality occurred in three injured
Conclusion: Childhood injuries occur more in the boys
and commonly Parents and guardians should not leave
children unattended even for a moment. Children
should always be in company of an adult when outside
the home. Childhood injury can lead to serious work
and financial problems for families. Health promoting
and injury preventive interventions should be instituted
to reduce the rate of injuries and their effects on


Children, Injury, Road Traffic Accident, Home.,

October - December 2010

Volume 19 | Issue 4

Page Nos. 447-450

Online since Jul 13, 2018

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