Jacob Amos Dunga, Yakubu Adamu, Ibrahim Musa Kida, Datonya Alasiya,Yusuf Jibrin, Umar Sabo, Christian Ukoli, CH Chuhwak, Jafiada Jacob Musa

Available online Jul 19, 2018.

[ Review ] Volume 24, Issue 4, 2015, Pages 354-362


Tobacco smoking is still one of the most important risk factor for Respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and an
estimated 90% of causes of lung cancer are attributable to Tobacco smocking and equally 90% of peripheral vascular
disease in non-diabetic population is attributable to Tobacco smoking, despite the health effect there is disturbing
figures of people who take up smoking habit daily and increase level of failed quit smoking attempts.Environment and
genetics still plays major role, and various forms of tobacco is used worldwide and its health consequence has been
highlighted. Monitoring tobacco use and prevention policies through effective tax laws is paramount to reduction of
the tobacco health effects in our environments.


Tobacco abuse, cigarrete smoking, health effect.,

October -December 2015

Volume 24 | Issue 4

Page Nos. 354-362

Online since Jul 12, 2018

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